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Related article: Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 01:07:50 EST From: Subject: after shower (gay male/incest) part of my seriesIt was late one night, and everyone in the house other than me was asleep. I had been online for a while, looking at some pics. Then I got kicked off-line. Instead of signing back on I decided to go shower. I went down and showered. I got out and dried off. I picked everything up, and left the bathroom how I found it. I hadn't taken any clothes to the bathroom with me. So I walked up stairs to my room naked. I got to the door and noticed it was closed. I thought I had left it open.I opened the door. All the lights in my room were off, just like I left them. I locked the door. Normally I don't but I had decided to sleep in the nude. Most of the time I wear boxers to bed, but I didn't feel like finding any. I went to get in my bed. That's when I noticed I wasn't alone. Joe my stepfather was sitting on my bed. I could see him clearly now that my eye adjusted. The light form the moon coming through the window, was enough to see everything.He was naked and appeared to be smiling. I now saw he was naked, and his cock was hard. No matter how many times we had sex, I was surprised this site. His legs were spread and balls dangled between them. His cock was so beautiful, and the moonlight gave the whole scene a dreamlike quality. He looked down to my crotch and his smile got wider. My cock was hard.I kneeled down next to the bed, and leaned in and began to lick his junk. I took each of his Preteen Nude Pictures balls into my mouth. They smelled so good. The scent of a man, the sweat tasted sweet. He was slowly stroking his manhood. I grabbed that hard rod and started tonguing his head. He took his hands and placed them behind his head.I slowly began to take his whole cock deep into my throat. Preteen Nude Pictures I had become so good at giving blowjobs. I had had lots of practice. It didn't take me long before I felt his balls seize up. I knew they were preparing to shoot their contents. I stopped and took his cock out of my mouth. He knew I was getting a nice big load built up. I stood up and my still hard cock was pointing straight at him. Joe reached out and began to stroke my dick.He then got off the bed and I sat on the edge. He reached the lubricant hidden between the mattress. He then spread some all over my cock. He bent over the footboard. I got off the bed and stood behind him. I press the head of my member against his backdoor. His ass hole has loosened up compared to the first time. I slid right in with little resistance. I began to fuck his nicely fuzzy ass. I reached around and played with his nipples. I fucked him harder than ever before.After blowing my load in his ass, I knelt near the bed. Knees on the floor torso on the bed. He got behind me and began to kiss my ass. He had never done this and I didn't know he knew about it. He licked my anus, and kissed it. It felt so good. I felt his tongue trying to penetrate my hole. He was sucking and licking. I was in heaven. It felt like nothing I ever felt before. He was licking my ass hole furiously. He stopped and I turned around to see he was standing up, stroking his dick. I wanted to eat his cum so I told him to sit on the bed.I took his cock and began to lick it. I grabbed and tugged on his balls. I was going to finish what I started at the beginning. His cock had been hard for hours with no contact. It didn't take me long before his balls tightened up. His body went rigid. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and aimed it at my mouth. He shot a hot creamy stream after stream of jizz. It got everywhere, my mouth, my eyes, my nose, my chin. He had never blown so much man juice. I nearly drowned in cum. I loved it.
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